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This is a list of some of the most informative resources for further learning about all things agriculture throughout New Zealand. By visiting these websites, blogs, and podcast channels, it’s easy to stay up to date on all the latest findings and news about agriculture.

Our Regenerative Future Podcast –

This podcast believes that New Zealand has a golden opportunity to build on the strengths of their primary sector and that they could transform the rural heartland into a global model. They feature a series of conversations with farmers, soil scientists, and leaders to explore many of the opportunities for regenerative farming.

Other topics discussed include the role of market mechanisms in agriculture, funding models, soil science, and more.

Integrity Soils Podcast –

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The hosts on Integrity Soils are a team of coaches, educators, and system thinkers who are passionate about regenerative agriculture and its future. The podcast features inspiring conversations with some of the most influential people they meet in their walks of life with agriculture in New Zealand. They believe in making the world a better place by introducing regenerative agriculture.

Rural News Group Website –

Rural News Group is based in Auckland, New Zealand and has been operating as an informative news site for the past twenty years. They focus largely on farmers in New Zealand. They use a quality editorial team in writing and editing articles on some of the most serious topics in farming.

Study in New Zealand –

This YouTube channel believes New Zealand is one of the worlds best places to live and study. When considering studying in the field of agriculture in New Zealand this is one of the best channels to follow and learn all about the possibilities.

This is the official government site for advice on studying in New Zealand, courses, scholarships, universities, institutes, and more.

Cultivate Conversation Blog –

The blog was started by Alissa Welker who is an independent agriculture business consultant. She believes in a future agri-food system that is healthier for the human race and the planet. The blog was created as she began to uncover the disconnect between farmers and consumers.

This is the perfect blog for frequently posted articles on a variety of issues regarding agriculture in New Zealand.

Following these blogs can help to learn more about agriculture and how to go about studying the field in New Zealand.