Most Promising Careers in Agriculture

The agriculture industry offers a large variety of career options. Some of the career options include agriculture in science, technology, farming and horticulture and more. With agriculture becoming more advanced with the incorporation of technology, more fields in the sector have become available.

Thousands of agriculture-related jobs become available each year in New Zealand.

This article will showcase some of the most promising and highest-paid careers in agriculture. With agriculture playing an important role in the economy, there are many scholarships available to study for these positions.

Clinical Research Coordinator

Clinical research coordinators involve the study of all-organic diets and the effects of pesticides on farmers. Some of the duties in clinical research coordination include managing daily operations of medical studies in agriculture and pesticides. The title is in charge of planning and managing clinical trials, legal compliance, budgeting, and managing personnel.

Clinical Research Coordinator Salaries range from $NZ 179 000 per year.

Water Resource Specialist

Water engineers design the structure which carries clean water to the neighbouring communities and is seen as being a more easily accessible study than water resource specialists. Water resource specialists’ duties focus on working out where to source water from. Water is sourced from lakes, wells, rivers, and other supplying elements.

As a water resource specialist, the individual will also need to develop testing and monitoring to assure that drinking water is safe for consumption.

Water Resource Specialist salaries range from $NZ 179 000 per year as with clinical research coordinator salaries.

Agricultural Engineer

Agricultural Engineer - Most Promising Careers in Agriculture

Agricultural engineers design and test agricultural equipment and machines. Testing the machinery is vital to ensure the machinery is working properly and built according to government policies. Being an Agricultural Engineer requires many hours and overtime as most manufacturers require help on holidays and weekends for assistance.

Agricultural engineer salaries range from $NZ 112 500 per year.

Farm Management

Farm management comes with a lot of hard work and a lot of responsibilities. The most important aspects include researching market prices, inspecting soil, negotiating sales to processing plants and even creating financial reports.

Being a farm manager, the individual will need to be extremely organized and will need to be able to deal with unpredictable scenarios. Becoming a farm manager will require the individual to have previous agriculture experience in a variety of fields. Business and technological degrees can be required to manage more advanced and modern farms.

Farm management positions can provide salaries of up to $NZ 99 168.