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Get Ahead stands as an informative website to learn more about the role of agriculture in New Zealand and how considering the field as a career can provide endless possibilities.

Articles found on Get Ahead include important information on studying in the field with scholarships and organizations that assist with funding education.

Agriculture in New Zealand

Agriculture is one of the main economic powerhouses in New Zealand. The gross domestic product contribution from agriculture stands in the billions of dollars and contributes significantly to the country’s economy. The sector provides a large number of horticultures, dairy, and meat products for local consumption and has a large focus on exportation to other countries.

New Zealand stands as one of the largest exporters of dairy products and lamb meat to the international market.

Careers in Agriculture

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The agriculture industry provides thousands of jobs to the population of New Zealand. In the year 2020, over 83 000 individuals were employed in the agriculture sector of the country which saw a decrease in number from 2019.

The country has a high demand for workers with a wide variety of seasonal work available throughout each year. People from around the world can easily find seasonal work with work holidays.


Scholarships in agriculture are fully funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Each year over 650 scholarships become available to study Bachelors, PhD, Doctoral Degrees, and Masters at some of the most prestigious universities in New Zealand.

The scholarships in agriculture are highly competitive and should be looked at with serious dedication and hard work.